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iss safetypro printer

ISS is proud to be the maker of the SafetyPro line of industrial safety label printers. Our SafetyPro printers let you create custom vinyl labels and signs instantly, right from your PC. No more catalog labels, now you can create just the label you need! SafetyPro labels are UV, chemical and scratch resistant, so they're perfect for indoor or outdoor use, even in harsh environments.

With SafetyPro, you get:

  • Up to 300DPI Print Resolution
  • Up to 7"/sec print speed (user selectable)
  • Rapid processing for faster starting print jobs
  • Image Library: Nearly 2500 OSHA and ANSI safety icons
  • Template Library: Almost 4500 blank and pre-made templates
  • An industry favorite for arc flash and 5s labeling!
  • Interface: USB, Parallel, RS232 and Optional Ethernet
  • Barcodes: Drag-and-Drop barcodes, nothing is easier
  • UV, scratch and chemical resistant labeling materials
  • Versatile: 1", 2", 3" and 4" rolls, all 150' long
  • Print up to 150' continous labels, the longest in the industry
  • Easy print huge letters in any font, ideal for pipe labels
  • Built-in automatic cutter